Who We are?

Artists & Photographers

A PHOTO has an invaluable ability to tell its story over and over through the years; those memories are locked within its frame forever. When We are not behind the lens, you can find everyone of us exploring new neighborhoods, art galleries, in offices and restaurants… We are just artists!

What We Do?

Good emotions. High quality pictures. Full service

We are produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. To create commercial-quality photographs, we have technical expertise, creativity, and the appropriate professional equipment. Producing a successful picture requires choosing and presenting a subject to achieve a particular effect, and selecting the right cameras and other photographic enhancing tools.

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Work Environment

5-day & 40-hour week

Working conditions vary considerably. Some of us may work a 5-day, 40-hour week, another one irregular hours and must be available to work on short notice. Also our photographers works part time or on variable schedules.

We are first of all an artists, so usually work in gesign studios, can work in photo studios but also may travel to take photographs at the client's location, such as a school, a company office, or a private home. For commercial and big projects frequently travel locally, stay overnight on assignments, or travel to distant places for long periods.

Education & Training

Other & Qualifications

We have good eyesight, artistic ability, and good hand-eye coordination. Also patient, accurate, and detail-oriented and be able to work well with others, as they frequently deal with clients, graphic designers, and advertising and publishing specialists.

Our Happy Clients

We are working with clients from different business spheres. Internet production. Design studios. Fashion industries. Products. Jewelry. etc